The Reclaimed (Swe) -Even If (Official Music Video 2017)



This world is going down my freind
We´re all waiting for the end
But noone knows when it will be
And I don´t care cause it won´t help me..

Live everyday as it was your last,
Unite yourself with the past,
While waiting for the king to come,
I take a walk in the sun

Ref.- Even if the World is gone tomorrow, I´ll be planting my tree today,
There´s no need to sit and worry, I´m gonna die anyway

There´s something wrong with this world I know
There´s something wrong with what we´ve been told
And there´s someone who just wanna destroy
but I know who´s in Control…
Christ is coming back again, where will you be my freind?
Will you be the one to take his hand or will temptation
be your overman ?


Everyday got something to TEACH YOU



Recorded by ”The Reclaimed (Swe)” in May 2000 at Rolab Music Studios / Askersund / Sweden.

Produced by: Rolf Larsson
Taken from the album ”Lifecore” recorded in may 2000 at Rolab Music Studios


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